“Mark is a smart, kind, and generous teacher who truly wants to see people succeed. It’s evident that he lives his yoga; he walks the walk with genuine enthusiasm and makes it known that he’s a student of yoga first and a teacher second. When it comes to instructing, he’s refined his language and knowledge in a way that makes it incredibly palatable…especially the deeper stuff. He’s not afraid to shift out of his comfort zone, especially if he knows it’s for the success and betterment of his students. He’s a true leader. No one falls behind or slips between the cracks when in Mark’s company. His check-ins and openness to feedback during training make you feel heard and respected. He recognizes that everyone is on their own path and does his best to ensure you feel better when you leave and more connected to this beautiful world we’re fortunate to be a part of. Two thumbs up, five stars, jazz hands + fist pumps for Mark.”